QTranslate 5.3.3

15 September 2014 | 492 Kb | MD5: 4f44571fee7e78cde876aac4a1972dd1

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2+ / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Internet connection


QTranslate 5.3.3 portable

15 September 2014 | 500 Kb | MD5: ef8081219caad4a817242fa39f36ed48


What is New in QTranslate 5.3.3?
  • New: Lao language
  • New: Languages hot keys work in popup window
  • New: 'Activate when opened' popup window option
  • Fixed: SDL, ImTranslator services
  • Fixed: Redraw-bug in the bottom area of popup window when using just one service
  • Updated: Google translate and search services use https protocol
What is New in in QTranslate 5.3.2?
  • New: Esperanto, Hmong and Latin languages
  • New: Baidu translation service
  • New: Change keyboard layout and selected text hot key
  • New: Holo Light and Holo Dark themes
  • Fixed: Urban Dictonary service
  • Updated: Supported languages
What is New in QTranslate 5.3.1?
  • New: Slovenian localization
  • Updated: Bulgarian, Japanese, and Polish localizations
  • Fixed: Doesn't work in Chrome 34.0.1847.116
  • Fixed: Yandex translation new line issue
  • Fixed: Urban Dictonary service
  • Fixed: Application hangs when translation history is full
  • Fixed: The color of the copied text depends on the current theme
  • Fixed: Checking for updates uses HTTPS protocol
  • Fixed: When QTranslate is running on one account and you switch to another, QTranslate will not start
What is New in QTranslate
  • New: Swedish and Korean localizations
  • Updated: French and Simplified Chinese localizations
  • Fixed: Google Translate service is always selected
What is New in QTranslate 5.3.0?
  • New: Favorites support
  • New: Services buttons in the dictionary window
  • New: Translate clipboard content hot key
  • New: Middle mouse click on service button opens service in browser
  • New: youdao dictionary service
  • New: Back/Forward history navigation using mouse xbuttons
  • Improved: Bing Translator audio quality
  • Updated: Supported languages
  • Fixed: SDL translation service, Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary services
  • Fixed: Main window doesn't restore maximized state after program restart if is closed to tray
  • Fixed: Main window is not on taskbar after program restart if is closed to tray on Windows XP
  • Fixed: Doesn't work in EVE Online
  • Fixed: Escape doesn't close popup window if edit control has focus
  • Fixed: Once focused, the popup window is always showed focused

Download the previous version of QTranslate (5.3.2)